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Surveying and Site Engineering Price Guide 2021

Setting out

£350/day Site engineer using Leica GPS or Leica Total Station TS15 r instrument. Building foundations, brickwork, piles, fences, rc frames, boreholes, fill and cut rails, profiles, roads, retaining walls, services.

Topographic Land Survey

£350/day Surveyor using Leica GPS and Leica Total Station TS15  instrument. Surveys are fixed to the Ordinance Survey Grid. Measurements include: land surveys, building locations, heights, neighbouring buildings, fences, services, vegetation. Surveys are produced in CAD software. Commercial and private properties.

Cadastral Survey

£380/day Surveyor using Leica Total Station TS15 instrument, establishing and re-establishing a real property’s boundaries. An additional cost of purchasing HM Land Registry maps applies.

Elevation Survey

£350/day Surveyor using Leica Total Station and Trimble TX6 Laser Scanner. Measurements include doors, windows, external features of the buildings, chimneys, eaves, gutters etc.

Floor Plan Survey

£360/day Surveyor using Leica Total Station TS15 1" instrument. Surveys include all the details requested by the customer.

Stockpile Survey

£350/day Surveyor using Leica Total Station TS15 instrument or Leica GPS. The price includes a survey of the stockpile, volume calculation, and a full report.

All the rates are negotiable and require additional VAT at 20%.

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